Important Information On Permanent Straightening

Important Information On Permanent Straightening

Be aware if you are getting your hair permanently straightened that you know what process you are getting. There are two main types you need to know about.

  • Our Thermal Straightening System is PERMANENT. It grows out and needs to be redone every 6-12 months. We charge $660-$770 for this service as it takes us so long, but it is AWESOME!
  • A Keratin Straightening System is NOT PERMANENT! It lasts about three months and is a cheaper service. We do not offer this service as the chemicals used are a concern to us.

They are both equally fantastic, and the Keratin is slightly cheaper but just make sure you ask the questions and educate yourself!

Hero Product $39.95

Colour Conditioner is such an exciting product! It can be used once a week to add colour, tone or vibrancy to your hair in a Semi-Permanent Conditioner. It's lovely that you can finally get longer lasting colours by using this product.

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