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Natural Dread locks at Pure Hair

Natural Dread Locks

Meet Mel, our resident dreadlock guru!


I am Mel and I am the dreadlock technician at Pure Hair. I myself have had dreadlocks with extensions for close to two years and am very passionate about my techniques.

Dreadlocks are very easy to wear and require exactly what your hair does now - regular washing (I recommend once or twice a week) and maintenance every 3-6 months.

I use a method called 'Twist and Rip' and then a crochet hook to tighten them up upon installation, and then at maintenance appointments, I will use my hook to gently tidy them up and separate them.

I have been hairdressing for 19 years and firmly believe that organic, natural dreadlocks are the best. I personally always wanted to dread my hair, and figured that I wasn't getting any younger - I best do it now!

I do not use wax or any chemicals. If you do have dreadlocks that have been installed or maintained with wax, I can use my specific deep cleanse to remove the wax and return your locks to the state they should be in - lovely, soft dreadlocks.

Please feel free to inquire at Pure Hair if you are curious about having dreads yourself. You will need to come in firstly to have a thorough consultation before the installation, to discuss exactly what you are wanting. I am looking forward to meeting with you!

Mel is based at our Pure Hair On West Salon at Westridge Shopping Centre. Call us at 46356851.

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