We LOVE doing Vivids!

We have two packages now to cater for someone wanting foils or a full head scalp bleach to achieve these colours. Please have realistic expectations with these colours.

Questions Answered

  1. YES. This sort of colour work does damage your hair as it needs to be a clean bright blonde. This can take up to three separate bleaches to lighten your hair first. Yes, I said Bleach. Yes, it is bad for your hair, I'm not going to sugar coat this.

  2. This may only last 3-4 weeks. Yes, that sucks, we can't do anything to change this. We can sell you top up colours to do yourself at home or pop in or we can do it for you whenever you like.

  3. Don't wash your hair too much! Shock Horror... It’s called "no poo" and a lot of people do it. If you need to, rinse your hair then condition. No shampooing will increase the longevity of these colours by weeks. Also, wash your hair in cold water. Invest in a good dry shampoo, not a cheap one from the grocery shop as these will strip the colour out even more...Same applies to any cheap products. We recommend our Eco Lab Dry shampoo not only because its over 30% organic but because it's not full of plastic and our beautiful Everescents organic products as they have no silicons, sulphates or alcohol.

  4. Some of these colours are very hard to get out. Green and Blue are the worst and very stubborn to shift.

Taryn - Owner and a member of the Unicorn Hair Tribe.

Lady with a blue vivid coloured-hair
Lady with a mix vivid coloured-hair
Lady with a pink vivid coloured-hair
Lady with a red vivid coloured-hair
Lady with a violet and green vivid coloured-hair
Lady with a violet ombre vivid coloured-hair

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