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We believe in a more "Pure" way of creating beautiful hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Pure Hair Extensions – with Celebrity Hair!

So, you look at the celebs and wonder HOW they get their hair to look so voluminous, so thick and amazing. It is a secret no longer. Celebrity Hair Extensions may well have been named after the celebs that have and love the modern approach to thickening and lengthening hair.

At Pure Hair, we also use Celebrity Hair Extensions to achieve this amazing result. Celebrity Hair Extensions are expertly applied by our technicians to give you the result you are dreaming of. 100% Remy (Human hair with the cuticle running the way it should – downward) hair makes looking after your hair a breeze. Being human hair, they can be coloured, styled and worn just about any way you like. They are less likely to tangle and are much easier to look after your installation. The extensions come in a wide range of colours – although we can customise the colour to compliment yours without a problem! The length that they are available in is 50cm – perfect to add length to those who need it or bulk to those with shorter hair. We install and then style!

A seamless tape (Skin Weft) anchors the hair weft to your scalp, ensuring that no pressure at all is put on your own individual hair follicles. They lay flat to your head, ensuring that they don't ever give away your secret. Even if someone runs their hands through your hair! Your hair will continue to grow naturally with no pressure, pain or issues. Another reason that Pure Hair chooses to use Celebrity Extensions is because of the quality of the hair, the quality of the tapes bonds and the sticky area of the tapes. They are simply the highest quality – and this is exactly what you deserve.

Celebrity Extensions do grow out with your hair - depending on your natural growth – usually, this takes about 12 weeks. When they have grown out we remove them with a special solvent that dissolves the adhesive section of the Skin Weft Extension. This takes literally seconds and causes no damage whatsoever to your hair or the extensions. We can add replacement tapes to the Skin Weft sections if you would like your extensions re-installed.

If you are looking for a way to thicken or lengthen – or thicken AND lengthen, we are available for a consultation. Please call Pure Hair, for all of your luxurious hair needs!

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