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Join the Senscience Thermal Straightening revolution!

Thermal Straightening

Thermal Straightening

Pure hair is thrilled to introduce to you the most amazing and luxurious hair straightening system in the world – the Senscience Thermal Straightening System. Utilising Japanese style technology direct from Shiseido Laboratories, the system permanently transforms curly, coarse hair into dreamy, soft straight hair. Not only that, the structure and condition are improved and the shine is out of this world!

Maintenance is considered low. When your hair grows out the procedure is just repeated. Usually, it is between six and nine months between services, depending on your natural hair growth cycles. Looking after your hair after the treatment requires professional shampoo and conditioner, just like you would use after any chemical service. Styling wise, your hair is easy to manage. You just dry as you would if you had straight hair. In fact, with those that have the Senscience Thermal Straightening treatment often do LESS with their hair after the service is done! No more fighting hair. Just beautiful, supple, straight hair that you can control.

Imagine the extra time in your life, imagine having easy to handle, style and maintain hair. Imagine the freedom you will have and all of the styling options available to you that were not possible before.

Testimonial from Taryn owner of Pure - Inspire Hair. "As a hairdresser, this is one of the most rewarding services to perform in the salon. I have actually had clients overcome with tears of joy at the results, and when I see them six weeks later, they still can't believe it's their hair. It actually makes the hair feel and look like it is in better condition."

The most asked questions

"How much does it cost?"

It costs between $660 and $770 and usually takes 5 to 6 hours to perform the service.

"What happens when I wash it?"

It stays straight! You just dry it as you would straight hair.

"How long does it last?"

Usually 6 -9 months. It does depend on how curly your natural hair is as it grows out.

"What is the maintenance?"

When the regrowth becomes an issue, we just redo it. It is the same process.

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